Belief Systems

“You’re house is your larger body…What have you in these houses? And what is it you guard with fastened doors?” ~ Khalil Gabran

One cannot build a structure, strong and secure, without creating a solid foundation first. So let’s take inventory of what we have— and I’m not referring to monetary values I’m speaking about the stuff you’ve collected in your head.

Some brains are hoarders, other’s might keep a pristine and compartmentalized brain in ‘control’ of everything. Some eclectic minds seem to be all over the place, but always very interesting no doubt. The information we store ‘inside’ reflects how our personality shows up in the world, and our ‘exterior’ is our house, the larger body. So how do we keep our houses? Maybe nice and pretty from the outside, but cold and empty on the inside, and what about the closet, what kind of cobwebs or piles of old stuff awaits us there?! Taking a three dimensional view of ourselves will definitely require some patience and undeniable courage. To Dive deep into our brain and tickle our sub-conscious mind (where all our beliefs and deep rooted programs are stored) could very well prove to be overwhelming. You may wonder, why in hell do that?

Our ego and ways of the world have molded a very secure guard on deeper questioning—What’s the point to it ALL anyway? — We just move along through life like robots constantly being distracted and filling ourselves with stuff we don’t really need. This stuff is called our belief systems, which confines our point of view and narrows down our wider perspective. Our programs commonly come from these roots:

  • Family – What kind of soil were you planted in? The environment in which you were raised lays one of the strongest mental foundations to how we will view and move through life. Good or bad genetics will encode us to suffer by accident, or perhaps on purpose. OR, is there a possibility to create a brand new family stem, and break karmic cycles for good?! Chaotic societies foster chaotic children, and if we’re not being OUR absolute best then what is it we’re looking for in our off-spring?
  • Culture & Tradition –  As much as it can be undeniably beautiful it can also be very stifling, chaining us to ways of being and behaving that are stuck in ancient pasts, smothered with all kinds of have to’s and should do’s. If you’ve ever visited other countries who have long standing histories, you’ll notice that being too different in your point of view proves even more challenging, keeping people further disconnected from exploring their intrinsic selves. Conforming means acceptance.
  • School and Career – Cookie cutter learning system, with minimal exploration of the self and one’s true aspirations. Money is the prime motivator and limited roles are out for stake. Competition oriented: ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘dog eat dog’! The outcome for most is working tirelessly at a 9-5 job, with enormous pressure to keep up with bills. Glorified slave is what many can attest to, elevating someone else’s lavish lifestyle.
  • Money – Endless lust for stuff. Bigger and better. Flashier and shiner. Image and vanity have created a society of pretentious masquerades. Status is everything. Unfortunately, the hard truth is, a false sense of happiness is what money can buy as well as false security, because in a moment it can all be taken away. And, if you’re not grateful for what you have now, what makes you think you’ll be grateful with more? There will always be another family of the Jones’ or Kardashian’s to keep up with, holding you forever on a leash.
  • Religion & Politics – For the most part (of course there are always exceptions), but dogmas have generally developed the reputation of keeping us stuck on our knees, praying for someone to come save us, feeling never quite worthy enough to make direct contact with the divine ourselves. Embodiment, no chance! A brilliant revolving system of making people feel guilty and small, forever in need of a mediator if we don’t adhere to the rules or principles of whichever faith or belief. The tools/rituals provided never quite strong enough to build the temple within. A classic case of being trapped in blind faith. Even more concerning is the fact that religious—and even new age spiritual organizations/individuals, further keep people disconnected, and vulnerable to extremism by unconsciously fuelling competition and separatism resulting in never-ending wars motivated by the greed for power and domination. It is no surprise that over time in history, organized religions became a close affiliation to politics. So in a nutshell, from a bird’s eye view of things, politics looks like an exaggerated chess game! Who’s playing on the board?
  • Media & Idols – Breaking News! Trend Alert! Look like this rich celebrity or that fashionista! Distraction upon distraction feeding us a bombardment of quick moving images and ideals. Our eyes are so full of stardust we’ve undermined ourselves and sold off our big dreams, because there is absolutely no way we can find the time to measure up to all that sparkle, so we shrink into a shadowbox. Besides, the news is full of fear. Life is too busy. Who has time for dreams. That’s not for me. I’m too insignificant to count anyway… so I’ll forever plant myself on this couch, work my 9-5, envy the rich and famous and go about my mediocre routines.
  • Health & Food – Where doctors once came from the integrity of keeping people healthy long term meant that they’re doing a fine job, and continued to earn the privilege to provide healing. Now the opposite is true, doctors reap enormous monetary benefits from the sick.  Another revolving system with bandaid solutions. Food association has completely fallen off the map. Synthetics is the new holy grail!! GMO’s (frankenstein food), polluted soil, chemicals in our food, countless vaccines… Agriculture and true well-being have been hijacked, and the lack of respect for the earth is beyond any level of moral acceptance. The overuse of drugs, and miseducation on quality food and nutrition has become our standard… Do you REALLY believe that man made milk formula is better than natural breast milk?!

For some of you, reading the above could have triggered major irritation, or perhaps even anger, and that’s precisely the point, because the world’s condition is proof that our current systems and ways of thinking are failing miserably. There’s no sugar coating, there’s been too many generations of that sort of screening, time to bring things to the surface instead of hiding it under the rug of so-called norms. Our advance in technology also means that what 10,000 men could do five hundred years ago now only 1 man can do—by the press of one or two fingers!!! That kind of power can also be reckless and completely self-destructive. Bottom line is, if we can’t recognize what feeds our beliefs, and our reality, then we stay stuck in a world lacking much needed peace. And like Ghandi said,

Be the change you would like to see in the world”

Well that would require each of us to take personal responsibility and to do our own work, to clean up our minds and therefore our collective external mess. Quit leaving it for the next generation to solve. Change for the good can only begin when we can come face to face with the ugly dark truth.

The good news is, by healing our distortions and misperceptions paves the way to truly seeing ourselves as very extraordinary human beings encoded with the ability to do and create miraculous things, and not just for ourselves but ultimately for the greater good. The true meaning of a miracle; is simply a shift in perception. Each human is truly unique and authentic with its very own thumb print. Playing small and insignificant is very off the mark, which in latin literally means SIN—missing the point to life. Since our descent—also known as the iron age—everyone is following an unconscious pattern and being put on various conveyor belts headed for an appointed destiny. Each box, a hollow shell of our true potential, covered in different labels and packaging.

Alas, The Golden Age of Awakening…

No one will come to save you but YOU! To take your power back first get a grip with the truth, and call out your own bullshit, because you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Find a way to let go and make peace with the past, and accept who you are in this moment. Begin to notice motivations that are led by your ego, versus being led by your spirit/heart/intuition/higher wisdom, so that you’re not repeating old regressive patterns.

Learn to observe your life like a movie. Take a seat in centre row. Of course while you’re enjoying the show, emotions will get activated. After all, the movie feels very fuckin real! However, over time and with vigilant practice you will begin to detach from your ego’s virtual choke hold. Seek and develop grounding tools to keep you from being overtaken by your triggers, and beware of resistance and distractions, to prevent getting stuck. Masters learn to detach from emotional drama by the power of the present moment… pausing to witnessing their thoughts without sinking into judgments and defining themselves in the roles and stories of their minds: the victim, martyr, aggressor, damsel, etc. Remember, successful actors are not limited by the stories and roles they play, they have the skills to play many characters.

Now go out and play, but be awake!!

Ps…What feelings came up for you, and where do you feel stuck most?

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