So You Wanna Dance with Life?

I always have people asking me what is The GROOVE & WHY do I love it…so I’d like to share a little bit about my experience with #theworldGROOVEmovement.
5 years ago it swept into my life like a crazy-ass force, bringing my innate love for dance back into my ‘adult’ life in a whole NEW way… Hallelujah, it really isn’t that serious, just shut up and dance your heart out— In YOUR unique way, and let me tell you how absolutely mind blowing it is to regularly greet your highest most beautiful self in this way—instant life change :))
The soul gang, tribe, warriors…whatever, just something about the Groove family is so very special, I need a dose of them like a bee needs to make honey. No lie, The GROOVE fuels my soul with super juice, giving this human thang a fighting chance. The creator, aka “Mama Groove”, Misty Tripoli, is a power like no other! She brilliantly integrates dance/movement with awakening to ones deepest truth—which some might call conscious awareness. And if that freaks you out, it’s just a fancy way of saying, your most authentic brilliant self, minus your ego. Misty is fierce and stands in her own centre like a massive oak tree, and I love that about her, for all the reasons above and then some. Connection with her is an effortless heart song, like a long lost sister from another time and space.
Ultimately, The GROOVE helped zap me back to life, and rooted me back to love my genuine self! Not only that but this great feeling bleeds into my everyday life— which is why I’m #groovinmylife.
Bottom line, it really is all about taking your life into your own hands, so get up and inject yourself with some soul juice, I don’t care what your method is but it should absolutely make your heart explode with joy. For me it’s dance, not the ‘right’ way but my own way, like a #girlboss who owns her shit and grooves it like nobody’s bizness 😉
Anyway, that’s how I feel about this thing called The GROOVE❣

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