In the eye of all storms is Stillness

You should sit in mediation for twenty minutes every day–unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” Old Zen adage

Perhaps the most important muscle to flex is the ability to sit with our fear, stress, worry, anxiety…and all of its friends!

Instead of running away or numbing ourselves—STOP, sit and listen— face the fear, make friends with it. Ask what it needs to show or tell you. Have courage. Breathe. Stay present to where you sit, there really isn’t any immediate danger, you are safe.

With this practice, we soon learn to sit in the eye of all storms, not losing our centre for long periods of precious time.

This is WHY we practice— to KNOW what it means to be a Spirit Warrior who’s faced the dark with love, openness and courage. Trust that a miracle WILL occur when we can shift our perspective to every present moment, good or bad, saying “THIS is here to teach me to return to Love.”

Slipping into stillness means tapping into peace, where there is only one thing to do, BE — Be with your breath, be with your pains, joys, thoughts, all sensations are welcome. Eventually they just melt away anyway. Perhaps you may even experience some sort of ‘lift off’ out of your sleeping bag and into the skies of infinite love, wisdom and possibility!! For that alone, I say cool, sign me up, but followed by a waiver saying: just don’t forget to come back, you may not be done here;)

Happy mediating, you got this.

Ps…If you’ve ever experienced something extraordinary while meditating please share. Also, if anyone’s ever had any blocks or resistance around mediation please comment below. Thanks

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