About Me…

Hello humanoids, I’m Sanja—pronounced Sonia…So, Who am I and why are you interested in reading about me?! Whatever drew you in, great, welcome. If you’re remotely interested in anything with substance, you’re in the right place, because I decided to give myself permission to create space for forward moving conversations— willingness is all it takes…okay maybe a bit of courage too.

We must have the daring to be nothing but ourselves if we are to know what true power is.” Danielle LaPorte

My main intention is to share information for the greater good. I’m not gonna lie, my personality has some sharp edges!  I am a gemini and contrary to my soft side, I’m also a fierce truth warrior, so my content may not resonate with everyone, and that’s fine too. My core desire is to evolve to my highest potential where I feel liberated to dance with all of life—the good days and even the bad— the key is to stay in the eye of the storm. I mean really, why waste a lifetime being anything but ridiculously happy in the skin you’re in?!

I deeply believe we can ALL be the creators of our own realized dreams and aspirations. Of course excuses and dense belief systems stand in our way, ultimately you have to have a hunger so relentless that nothing will stand in your way to live your dreams. But many of us are endlessly distracted, busy doing what we think we have to do that we never get around to doing what we truly want to do. We rarely even consider to dive into exploring and discovering ourselves more intimately —that maybe just maybe there’s a unique genius hiding inside each and every one of us. To some change is scary, but change is inevitable, just like the laws of nature, seasons come and go, flowers bloom and then die. Impermanence tries to teach us to detach, evolve, learn and grow — and yes damn it, to let loose and play outside boundaries, rules, and comfort zones, because we won’t live forever. It is essential to shake off the thick dense layers of our limited perspective which keeps us from experiencing the true Art Of Life. Thankfully, creativity and an open-mind is a useful antidote. Trying on new things will help elevate our direction.

I’ll speak on various topics anywhere from health, food, travel, music, movement, style—fun stuff, as well as share other people’s cool stuff. I will also ‘go there’ and speak on more serious topics when addressing our off course nature…be warned you might feel a nerve acting up, but it’s all good, take what sticks and let go of the rest.

My personal leap really began after being pregnant with my first son, when I decided to leave 13 years of the corporate world behind to become a full-time mom (someone once called it my ‘stay at home business of creating extraordinary human beings’) And while I was managing the home-front, I treated it like a professional business. Making the decision to leave my so called career behind was easy because for one, I didn’t love my job, and two, I wanted to be present and raise my own children. However, leaving my sovereign paycheque was still a little scary! Regardless, I followed my heart. and presently, enjoy working for super cool people doing many exciting new things that are more aligned with my passions. Now looking back, it all worked out amazingly.  The experiences I gained propelled me into a more authentically driven life, doing more and more of what I LOVE. What a bonus to get paid for that too!!!

My husband is a phenomenal forward moving man who says, that women (especially those who make the choice to stay home these days) don’t get half the credit or support that they desperately deserve. He sees that raising two little humans is no idle thing. I have to admit that nothing up to now has challenged me more than being a parent. To do it well one needs to be fully present and prepared to not only raise your children but to also re-raise yourself. No doubt, you will be confronted with your ugly side more than once. Basically, it’s a time where you become fully aware that you may need to get your sh*t together…this is the real deal!

While I was outside of the working machine, I learn to use my spare time very wisely. I went back to the School of Life, diving deeper than ever and redefining, well pretty much everything. Immersed myself in the world of self care and evolution; took regular classes in yoga, read countless inspiring books, took holistic cooking classes and courses in nutrition and eating whole foods, enhanced my green thumb for gardening, attended writing workshops, participated in a 3 year dance training with a movement called theGROOVE, traveled on soul awakening retreats, became a certified Life Coach, trained in a holistic fitness training called bodyART, and most recently, took a course in 10 days of silence and meditation called Vipassana.

Naturally, this resulted in seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes; the roles we play, the foods we eat, the things we do for ‘fun’, the people we entertain in our lives, our relationship to money and materialism, addictions, body image, and the taboo world of spirit and consciousness. I’ve aligned with some uncommon people who have served as wise teachers, providing great insights, re-igniting my heart with higher purpose. In essence, what I discovered was that I lived a pretty so-so life, a replica of millions of other people following the same routines and patterns. Definitely a brutal realization, but somewhere in my being I felt this somber existence all around me ever since I was a kid. I struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. With all this new and fresh life emerging within me, it’s been continuously yearning to find new outlets.

As a result I now work with others also starving for change, interested in furthering their own quality of life, providing them tools and insights that worked for me on living a whole-hearted, and authentically driven life. Considering mental and social factors that may be creating blocks — as they did and frankly still do for me! No I’ve definitely not mastered this human existence… the mind/ego likes to play dirty tricks, once we become conscious thinkers your ego acts up and barks viciously like a wild dog. Still not that serious, you just continue to learn to tame it.

The Mind: a beautiful servant, but a dangerous master.” ~OSHO

Whole new opportunities open up when you change your perception on what’s possible in yourself and in life. In fact, in the last year I’ve also been working my ass off on a new business project, and my aim is to have my grand opening spring/summer 2017!! This has been yet another arduous learning transformation, switching hats to an entrepreneur. Building a business that is close to your heart and in line with your key values is a next level operation, and in no way is it easy but “Do what you love, love what you do”, is bang on, because you’ll see your vision through and figure things out.

Truthfully, I know in my bones that this isn’t what life was meant to look like, where only 1% of the planet thrive and the rest suffer like the living dead. We are capable of sooo much more, so let’s not settle for mediocre.

This brings me here, a blog to share the journey of collecting greater happiness, a nibble of what to expect perhaps. Again, my wish is to enrich readers and ignite meaningful conversations that inspire a shift towards our greatest life, and in harmony with our planet. My promise is to write directly from my heart and as frequently as life inspires. I’m all about quality over quantity. If you resonate with my content then tuning in or subscribing is completely up to you. I always welcome feedback, good or bad because it provides fresh perspective for me to chew on. I don’t care how woo woo this sounds, because why not, outsiders and dreamers force us to see the world differently… Let’s grow a beautiful life/world together and enjoy a common-unity!

The Brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” Sir Richard Branson

Big Love,

Sanja Milanovic