Go ahead, take up more space.

One constant human desire is to be seen, felt, heard. We might find ourselves thinking “In a world of billions of people how will I—little ol’me—feel significant, how can I possibly make a difference?” While others were being handed out talents maybe you were in the line of mediocres, not meant to do anything big or extraordinary with your life?! I’ll admit I had many moments in my life feeling really down about this “life is so unfair” I would whine, my mind would go on autopilot and drag me into a downward spiral weaving sad stories, deep into the abyss! It can genuinely seem like a daunting task to step up, expand and shine, but the underlining question is—how and by doing what?! What is it about us that stands out, that matters, and what can each individual offer that’s special, productive, or even remotely interesting?

Maybe the more important question we need to be asking is: What do we need to move out of our way? Beliefs, excuses, habits, a bad attitude…

We too often shrink like little mice and talk this crazy talk, distracted by petty things—the infamous playing small syndrome has affected us all like the plague—Ego’s archaic fix on “survival of the fittest” in constant panic and fear about being the weakest link! And not to undermine the fact that there will always be better and worse characters playing out; some will have phenomenal voices, genius breakthrough ideas, exceptional acting skills..and on and on. The point is, people doing phenomenal things can also serve as a healthy motivator to rise and stand taller, not a distraction, and definitely not a deterrent. 

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” ~Zen Shin

Putting aside our personal stories, the ultimate truth is, each and every one of us are highly unique, we all matter, because we exist. And, just like every cell in our body we each have a function and a divine purpose to be here. A finger is not intimidated by a toe, nor are the lungs by the heart, it is naturally understood and organized in such a way that they all serve to complete the whole body in all of its perfection. The moment a cell ‘believes’ it is separate from the whole is when cancer begins to form, and cancer creates a convincing tale to divide and conquer. From one cell, to a group, that try and convince other cells that they should dominate the whole! An internal battle beings, which inevitably ends in destruction, unless a healing takes place and brings harmony back to the the collective—Peace is restored and joy shines. Obviously when peace and joy shine, everything and anything seems possible—YES, of course it does.

So perhaps with that in mind, go ahead, let’s give ourselves permission to take up more space, and step out of that small pond we’ve been swimming in, and into the ocean of infinite possibilities—let’s become a whale— expand and grow as big as we can get! And if fear taps us on the shoulder, remind it of who we are—a masterpiece in creation.

With practice and some discipline, fear resides and becomes a small shadow of who we use to be… Impossible is nothing.” ~Muhammad Ali;)

All for the greater good,


Ps…I’d love to hear about any breakthroughs that occurred, at any point in your life, where you experienced a shift of perception around what you’re capable of. Big or small, let’s have them all.

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