8 Ingredients to Living YOUR Aspirations

Ingredients to Living YOUR Aspirations:

1. Take inventory of your thoughts and beliefs – Make a list of what you truly value in yourself, in others, and in life. What bad habits or dense beliefs are you carrying and have they been really serving you well? Where are you stuck most? What’s weighing you down? Take a real honest look at yourself, see if your values line up with absolute integrity, and further, is that being reflected in your current life, or the life you aspire to have? Do you even know what you really want from life?! What are your BIG dreams?

2. What are you grateful for? If you were cleaning out your closet/house/storage, what kind of things would you keep and which would you toss? Again, refine what is intrinsically important in your life, perhaps you’ve been neglecting to appreciate something right under your nose, and continuously obsessing over what you don’t have! Embracing the simple things will expand appreciation for greater possibilities. Essentially, we only want to keep things we can work with and grow with—remove the clutter so that you can create room for the new opportunities you want to bring in…but remember YOU are ultimately the one who needs to initiate change, no one can do it for you.

3. Develop a daily practice – Whether it be to start writing daily, to meditate, dance, yoga, exercise— whatever, find a personalized system that will keep you rooted in your being, and clear in your head. Creativity is a fabulous tool to help elevate and shake off the density that’s holding us down by building fresh new pathways in our brain. The most important thing is to find a way to tune out the noise and tune into the quite power that sits within every human being; like a sleeping dragon it waits to be fed! Find a discipline.

4. Nurture your passion – What makes you come alive? An open-mind is probably the most important ingredient to get you unstuck in a stagnant life. Similar to a battery, everyone needs a good outlet to refuel and refresh. Yes this would require stepping out of your comfort zone. Time to stretch your skin and play BIG! By this I mean living out your wildest dreams, one where you’re the featured star, but we gotta start somewhere, you can’t win an Oscar over night. So what is it you love to do? What are your ‘hobbies’? Taking small steps will no doubt lead you to bigger aspirations, but one needs to be willing to do the work.

5. Eat Well – It’s actually quite simple; to enjoy great health without ever having to ‘diet’ means being conscious of WHAT you’re eating (or drinking). Put more effort into discerning good cravings from bad ones. Much of what we eat is strictly bad habit, or a craving for a sensation/flavour that a food gives. Same as quitting a habit like smoking, breaking bad habits can be challenging in the beginning but once you’ve tasted true vitality it’s tougher to turn back, you’ll definitely become very aware of the difference. Be flexible, try new palettes, customize the foods that feel best for you and your body. Your body is very wise, learn to listen to it.

6. Community – Quality friends, building strong families, powerful networks, common visions, connections that flow effortlessly— all generate opportunities to expand as not only a unit, but as a group, which ultimately will continue to grow bigger, and inspire a grander vision, that eventually explodes and benefits the collective good. Get out there and meet new people— outside of your familiar circles—broaden your horizons, become a part of something bigger than yourself. If anything, you’ll come back bearing fresh new gifts, stories and perspectives.

7. Alone Time – Codependency and unhealthy attachments can lead to real trouble—a sure and true way to keep you tied down; the dangers of becoming a people pleaser. Healthy relationships understand that we all need individual time and space. Don’t be afraid of your own company, you are your first best friend! A relationship that completes you is only good for hollywood scripts, a true and liberating union is with someone who compliments your life, who can take responsibility and show strength in themselves—self-sufficient to heed one’s own journey. This partnership then becomes an exquisite dance where two partners move through life side by side, free to move without entanglement, owning their own individual space, but coming together to honour the dance. This is the makings of unconditional LOVE my friends.

8. Be Patient with yourself – Baby steps. Don’t take yourself too seriously. This is about ‘lightning up’! We’re planting new seeds. Nurture them and watch yourself grow and prosper into something far past what you could have ever imagined! Yes you might experience growing pains at times, but surrender your fears, just keep on moving forward. Stay vigilant. Be hungry to experience your best life EVER. Use your time very wisely… Aging can be like a fine wine or a very sour process, it’s all a matter of perspective. Shift your attitude and limited point of views and you’ll transform in beautiful ways, shining from the inside out—Guaranteed;)

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